About Ed Kato Photography

I’ve been a photographer for well over thirty years but not as a profession but more as a hobby… Lately I have taken on photography as more of a freelance professional role focusing on photographing automobiles, motorbikes and watercraft. I have been shooting photos with Canon cameras from my first Canon AE-1 SLR back in 1978  to my two current Canon 40D DSLRs. and my Canon 5D Mark III. I have found that when people accomplish success in their life they tend to buy things that tend to be a sort of trophy of their success whether it is a Ferrari automobile, a Ducati motorbike or a Viking yacht, they want a photograph of their trophy that they can admire in their home and/or office. It helps them focus on one of the reasons why they are doing what they do to generate a living.

My attitude about photography is that I want to create a photograph for my client that “captures the perfect image” of whatever it is that they want photographed and I’ll go to great lengths to achieve that. Let me know if I can “capture a perfect image" for you!

Ed Kato